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YEARBOOK 2016 !!!

Soooo, I hope everyone is having a happy holiday !! We're only a few minutes / hours before the new year. How exciting is that ! Because it is the end of the year we decided to make a year , you know to look back on everything we've done this year and we wanted to share our year with you guys! I hope you guys can look back too and smile about it all !
We wish everyone a happy and blessed 2017 !!

March 2016
We're starting in March, because in January and February nothing special really happened. In March I, Musa went back to my homecountry: Zambia. I spent 3,5 weeks. It was really refreshing to see my family and friends again after 12 years.
 I visited a lot of different places with huge gardens and my aunt tought me how to plant vegetables.

April 2016
So our journey together begins with Paris.. In the beginning of this year we went on a 4-day trip to Paris with school. We had so much fun. We walked a lot so we were also pretty exhausted in the evenings. In Paris we really became more exposed.

With Katherine, our little bestie !! She hates pics, but we managed to convince her to pose and smile for this pic, jeeej mission complete !πŸ˜‰

(Day) The Eiffel tower (Night)
Somewhere in the middle of Paris ( can't remember the name tho, it was a very cool place)

OMG do some of you know the K-Drama DOTS??? If u do, you will know why this picture was taken like this. For the people who don't know: DOTS is a shortcut for Descendants Of The Sun, a Korean Drama that came out at the beginning of this year. It is about a soldier and a doctor who do a lot of interesting and exciting stuff. If you want to know more you can look it up and watch it online. This pose is one of the famous poses in the drama..

 When u ask the squad to pose for a quick pic

In Musee d'orsay, we wanted to look cool and copy the statue of liberty, after trying a couple of times we finally managed to take a good picture.

It  was such a nice time with these people in Paris ! Since Paris this group has become so close and they are really amazingly cool people to be around love them lots !! πŸ’“

 On the last day we had the opportunity to have a drink with the whole class !We weren't allowed to have alcohol, so non-alcoholic coctails it is ! 

April vacation
Mita's grandfather and grandmother from her mother's side visited Europe for the first time, so she went to a lot of places with them during the short break.

Their first visit was in Spain, Her uncle lives there so he showed them a lot of different places. They only spent four days there but they had a lot of fun !

Her grandfather poses for the pic !😎😎

Her next visit with her grandparents was in Belgium itself. They went to a lot of places and visited many relatives, but she lost a lot of her pics because her phone broke a month ago, so these are the only pics we have. These pics are  from Waterloo.

For their last visit, they went to Holland to look at all the beautiful flowers in Keukenhof !

Her grandparents are so hip with their poses ! 
Mita didn't deny that she requested them to do the DOTS pose for the last picture !

May 2016
Our next stop is Antwerp:
In May we went to Antwerp with our class, yes, last academic year we went to quite a lot of places with school. In Antwerp we were allowed to walk around freely and explore the town..
Stadhuis Antwerpen ⬆  
                         Begijnhof Antwerpen -->

Then summer vacation came.. The big adventure began.. We started our blog.. I remember the first post we posted, we had soo much fun !! After that we started doing photo shoots and got together to write blog posts ! It was an amazing experience. Starting a blog really brought us closer together.. Although we were already quite close we got even closer..
We also worked at a kids daycare. If you want to know what happened there u can check out  Working with kids for a week. We had so much fun this past summer...

We started our summer vacation with a campfire at a friends' place.. We were celebrating her 15th birthday !!

The second of July we finally uploaded our first blog post !! It was called "My fight against time"
It was deleted from the Blog due to personal reasons..

πŸ”™ First pic of Mita without braces ! 


 Our very first photo shoot.. Musa didn't know how to dab back then, so it was sloppy !! 
Here are some other pics we took for the first photoshoot ! πŸ˜„

August 2016
Mita had another grandparent visit Belgium for the second time. This time she was from her father's side. She couldn't walk for a long time so she didn't go to as many places as the other grandparents, but here's a pic of a place she did visit with Mita. The Atomium in Brussels.

Our second photo shoot ever ! We really had a lot of fun doing it all !! πŸ˜€

Even at chuch we had a lot of fun ! I (Musa) became closer to them during this summer, we strenghened each other when we had problems and helped each other growing in faith.

September 2016
Then school started.. Life got busier and more complicated.. But we kept going, we tried our best to keep up with posting, but it got hard to post regularly...

School had started but Mita was still in a festive mood ! These are photos taken at the traditinal Nepali festival called Teej. She also had a mini photoshoot with her Nepali friends. She tried a lot of poses from the hindi movies she watched when she was little !

In October we had a friends' birthday ! She turned 17. All the girls were invited for a sleepover, we had sooo much fun and no sleep lol !

The Girls Gang
We also went on a 3-day trip with school called "bezinning". It was really an awesome experience and we had a lot of fun !!!πŸ˜‚

November 2016
In November Mita had another traditional festival called Tihar. It's a festival to show your love for your siblings with gifts and flowers. Her brother didn't want her to post his photo so here's a photo of her alone. πŸ˜‹

December 2016
December is a very festive month for everyone. We have school vacation, Christmas, New Year's Eve and also Mita's birthday. December is obviously her favorite month, specially because everything is decorated with lights and it's all so pretty ! We HAD to do another photo shoot with our city being lightened up so much !

We hope everyone had a great Christmas this year ! We hope Santa gave you what you had wished for !πŸ˜ŠπŸ’— Musa and Mita spent Christmas together this year and it was very exciting because it was the first time we spent it together !

Mita spent her birthday in Antwerp with her sisters from another mother !
They had a lot of fun together !

Another year has ended yet again, and we begin a new year. Every year has been a blessing for us, but this one was special because we started our blog this year and we got to meet some of you guys through social media. It is very exciting for us to meet you guys so don't be afraid to approach us through whatever source you can ! We thank you all for your support we've received this year and all the other years to come. We hope you can all welcome the new year with a smile on your face, wherever you may be, because we will be smiling with you too. :)

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