Friday, 26 May 2017

Discovering beauty part 2

Hey how have you all been?
 Today I'm going to continue on our journey to discovering beauty.. (I'm sorry for letting you wait this long) If you haven't read the first part please check it out before reading this one, so that you can understand this one better. Click here.
Now I'm going to go on with part 2.

So I had to start accepting myself as beautiful.. I think it was the hardest thing i ever had to do. How can you just start loving yourself after hating yourself for so long? Honestly it's just impossible or maybe it isn't..
Let me give you guys a few tips on how to actually gain confidence. Some might seem stupid, but trust me they actually help.. A LOT !!

1) Surround yourself with the right crowd. Whether you like it or not people influence you constantly. If you're around people who are constantly talking negative about you, how do you expect to become positive? Again it's not impossible, but negativity will just make it harder to stay positive. It shouldn't be the group of people with the newest make-up or the people with the strictest diets, it's the ones with the positive mindset. The ones who will encourage you to achieve your goal at all costs!!

2) Never give up!! I know this is obvious and we all know this one, but actually try to do it!!

3) Wake up every morning stand in front of the mirror and call yourself pretty. I know this is a very childish one, but it does work.. if you do this for some time, you will start to believe it..

4) IGNORE NEGATIVE COMMENTS!!! They're all lies. The people who say negative things about you are usually jealous or they're just being childish and most of the time they don't even know you, so don't let they're comments affect you.

5) Please don't try to hide your face behind layers of make-up!! I know make-up is nice and we like to use it, but girl: you are also beautiful without it!! if you're using make-up to "cover up flaws" lemme tell you this: it's not working and you're waisting time and money! If you want to wear make-up: okay, but make sure your reason is not to "cover the flaws".

Okay so here are  tips to start with.. It's not always an easy journey, but the journey really is worth it!
I wish you all a lovely and blessed Friday!!


Thursday, 25 May 2017

BACIB part 9: Dealing with unsolved emotions

Omg it has been too long like seriously. I haven't written for so long, because there was one thing that kept me occupied. My unsolved emotions.. Before reading this its best to go and read the quote, because I’m going to refer to it a few times..

While thinking of what to write today I was overflown with different emotions and thought well let me write about that.. It has been an extremely busy few months for me and I wasn't really sure if I was dealing with it right.

The beginning of this year was quite busy. It’s our last few months in secondary school and we need to get our school projects done and make sure to keep giving it our all, but I just couldn’t. It was really hard to stay focused. I would slack off sometimes and procrastinate a lot.

I suppressed so many different feelings that I couldn’t tell which one I was sad or angry about at a any point. Suppressing unsolved emotions is like forcing a bird to stay in a cage. It wants to come out, but it can’t, because you want to keep it in.

It has been quite tough for me to actually accept the emotions I had and try to solve them.. I kept telling myself that if I keep them to myself no one will be hurt and there will be peace, but actually there was no peace at all. The longer I surppressed the worse it got. I felt sad, guilty and suffocated and I didn’t really know how to solve it, because I had kept it to myself for so long that I started feeling really bad. I had been living a life full of lies and I had been telling myself and others that I was okay, but I wasn’t. I had been trying to keep peace, but actually created tension. People around me started noticing when I was in a bad mood and it became worse and worse until I kinda shut myself out..

After that I realised how bad it was getting and how keeping it to myself was getting me nowhere I started exploring other options.. I started talking to people and I realised what I had to do. I brought all my problems to the Lord and started praying. I started focussing on building my solid relationship with God so that I would stop doubting myself and actually be me. They were a few verses that reminded me of who I was an actually helped me to get back up..
The first one was from Matthew..

Matthew 15:18
But the things that come out of a person's mouth come from the heart, and these defile them.

Proverbs 4:23
Above all else, guard your heart,
for everything you do flows from it.

I realised that me acting the way I was, was because my heart was full of pain and the pain was reflected through what I was saying and doing. The pain in my heart that was there was all because I had stopped guarding my heart, I let negativity enter it. The verse that kept popping up during this period was a very well know one from Psalms.

Psalm 139: 14
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

This verse in combination with a conversation I had with Mita really changed my mindset.. It reminded me of who I actually was. So to all of you out there who are suppressing how they truly feel: it’s not healthy.. Pray about it and find someone to talk to and I know it isn’t really easy, but you gotta do it for yourself!


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

the little bird

 In a cage.
Not knowing how to escape the cage. Yet I keep trying..
I managed.
Next thing is to get to the window.
I get caught again and put into my cage..
I don’t give up and keep trying.
I try again and I manage again..
This time I get to the window.
I try to open it, I can already smell the fresh cold air outside, 
I’ve almost opened it,
 but I’m too slow…
I get caught and put into my cage again.
Third time, good time…
But how?
How can I escape my cage?
How can I break free and fly along with the other birds?
When will I breathe the fresh air outside?
For now all I know is that one day I will break free and fly with them,
But when?

Saturday, 18 February 2017

He's still growing

Hi everyone! This is a story I wrote quite some time ago (during winter) , so it's a little old but this one is from a boy's perspective because it was inspired by some guy friends of mine.  It was quite hard to write from a guy's point of view for the first time , but I tried..enjoy! :)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

There he was lying on the grass by the bridge. He laid there on his backpack that was slowly crunching away under his big head so he had decided to use his arms for support.
There he was...
"How did I end up here?" He asked himself out loud, in a slightly sad voice. He spoke the words delicately, just as his heart was at the moment. One wrong step and the ice would break.

He opened his eyes to a man much older than himself. He followed the slow foot steps of the man that fascinated his vision. Tall, dark and handsome , a teenage girl would say. But he was no teenage girl fangirling over some good-looking fella , he was a 18 year old man, yes a man. That's what he'd been convincing himself from the moment he blew his last candle away on the 24th of June.

The tall silouette had dark raven hair that reached up to his ears. He noticed some cuts on the back of his head. "Must've been a bad barber", he thought. Light skintone with dark brown eyes that almost resembled his hair. Somewhere along the lines he thought he'd been looking at his own reflection. But that seemed impossible to him since the man was much prettier than himself. The 18 year old boy wasn't confident about his looks. He had failed to even notice the huge age difference between them.

The good-looking man walked up to him. He didnt say a word, he just sat down next to the 18 year old boy. After a minute of silence, the man finally spoke : "It's green, isn't it?


"The grass on my side."

- It was the 23rd of January-

"What?" The boy asked again. The man was silent again for a minute or two. The boy had a very confused look on his face, but the man didn't care about it at all, because he knew he would understand it someday. 

                                    ~ Mita ~

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Discovering beauty part 1

Hey everyone, how have u been?
Okay today I'm going to talk about beauty and self love, but before you continue reading this one, make sure you've read the story that came before this to understand this post. To read the story klick here.

Now that you've read the story you can continue reading this post...
Now this seems like a really silly story, but we actually experience such stories every day. 
We ask ourselves: 
Why are my legs so ugly? Why is my tummy so big? 
Why isn’t my nose shaped like that other nose?  Why don’t I have the perfect eyebrow game? 
Why don’t I hardly have any eyebrows?
Lol, for the people who go through this one: I know the struggle is real.
Why doesn’t that dress look good on me like it did on my friend? Why can’t I be like this one? 
And I can go on and on with questions, but you guys know what I’m trying to say. 
I remember when I was younger I would ask my self so many on those questions that I listed above. 
I really used to get bothered by them. Even know some of the questions still haunt me, 
but just as my mum told my sister: are we crisps? Does it really matter how we look?
Do we really have to change ourselves to be perfect? 
Do we really need the plastic surgery or the extreme diets?
Okay I understand that when you are not healthy, you need to go on a HEALTHY diet and become healthy.

When I was in 1 year of secondary school (1st year of middle school or in some countries grade 7)I used to feel awful about myself.
I used to be laughed at very often. 
They would call me fat and ugly.
They would insult me because of my braids and my clothes.
They would exclude me and tell me that they don’t like me, even if they didn’t know me, just because I looked the way I did.
I used to feel so bad. I didn’t have many friends back then.. 
People would be fake to me a lot of times. 
The few friends I had, would be scared to come up for me,
because they didn’t want to get teased themselves and I understood it, but I felt really bad..

It got so bad that in my 2
nd year I started binging. I wouldn’t eat at all during the day 
and when I’d come home I’d eat like a horse.. I did that for 6-7 months, I just kept telling people I was on a diet or that I’d eaten already.
 Instead of loosing weight, I gained a lot and the teasing continued.
 I felt so bad at a certain point, 
that I didn’t even want to live any more.I hated school, I hated everything. 
At home they also noticed me gaining weight and my parents
started telling me to watch what I eat, that made me feel even worse.
They didn’t know that I didn’t eat at all during lunch, they just assumed that I ate,
because I used to pack my own lunch and my sisters’. So they thought I ate, while I’d only pack my sisters’ lunch and go to school like that. 
Sometimes I’d pack for myself, but I just wouldn’t eat it.
 By then I made some friends and they kept telling me to eat, but I just couldn’t. 

In my 3rd year I stopped binging.
 They would be days when I’d forget to pack my lunch (like seriously forget, not faking it),
 but then my friends would scold me and tell me to eat whatever was there..
So we’d share lunches very often, because I just couldn’t get used to making lunch for myself. 

In my 5th year I finally started eating normally. 
My class was much kinder, so I wasn’t teased that much and I had more friends..
I really enjoyed going to school and I reflected on myself a lot during that year (this was last year btw).
I really thought about my actions and what was right and what was wrong
and how I could improve myself.
I figured that if I really wanted to loose weight I should do it for myself and do it properly! If I really wanted to be happy I had to get myself together and start looking at myself differently. I had to try and convince myself of my own beauty, but how?

But okay this post is getting too long, so I’ll write a part 2 soon. :) 

keep this in mind though: 

Lots of love,
~Meli, Mita and Musa

Monday, 23 January 2017

BACIB part 8: Did I jinx it?

Hey everyone,
How have you all been? It’s been long since I wrote a BACIB, I know.  Today I wanted to share something that really made me think and happy at the same time! Recently a lot of things have been going well for me.. I have been doing quite well in school, in church I’ve been asked to sing in the worship team multiple times, the choir has been doing well, everyone is healthy, the page views of the blog have been increasing, it feels like everything has been going well for me. I can’t complain at all.. Still if I say everything has been going well, won’t I jinx it? I don’t know.. I had a feeling that if I’d say everything is well: that my next report card will be bad or that the next performance won’t go well and I’ll forget lines or that I won’t be asked to sing again,... Is that really how life goes though? Is it really that if life goes well and you start to become happy, that there will be something that will come and ruin it all?
Yes it is true, or shall I say that’s what I used to think and that is what used to happen to me all the time, lol. Whenever I would be happy about something or feel confident, after a few weeks things would go downhill.. But honestly is that how the rest of my life is going to be? Are the bad things that come after the good things really because I was too happy? Should I really be careful when I get happy? Should I start thinking twice before I get excited?
Of course not. Honestly when things are going well in life, enjoy them. When bad things come after that, it isn’t because you enjoyed the good things. There is nothing like “jinxing” your good luck or happiness. I thought my exams went well this time and I came out of almost every exam saying it went well and people would ask me: “aren’t you jinxing it, I said no and I was right.. My report card came out and my grades were okay, so I was quite satisfied.. It’s not the grades I was aiming for, but hey at least I didn’t fail, right?
Sometimes It’s good to have faith in what you’re doing and in who you are. God didn’t just put you here with no plan and His promises weren’t just words.. He meant what he said..
Psalm 20:7
Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

Thanks to God’s promise we can achieve everything we want. Thanks to Him we have strength and can do all things..
Philippians 4:13
I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

And when something good happens, be happy and praise Him for the blessing instead of talking about luck..
Exodus 23:25
Worship the Lord your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you.

🎶  Song of today 🎶
There is power in the name of Jesus,
there is power in the name of Jesus,
to break every chain, 
break every chain, 
break every chain..

God bless you all,

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Black and yellow...

Hey everyone, how have u been? I hope you all had a nice New Year!! 
Today we’re going to get a little more personal, I'm going to tell you a story!

A few weeks ago my youngest sister, 
who is 4 years old now asked my mum: “Mummy, why am I brown? I’m even close to black you know, why am I black?”
My mum replied:
“you are the most beautiful princess in the world and black is a very beautiful colour.”
My sister then said in an angry tone: “Mummy, you can’t say that, ea!
Everyone is beautiful, you can’t just say that I am the most beautiful princess in the world.” 
(Although she did believe what my mum said and agreed with her, hahaha!)

Now before I continue with this story I’m going to tell you a little more about my sister.
Let me start with this: 
she isn’t normal at all, haha. She is just too smart. 
I can’t believe she realizes things that other age mates don't realize or simply can't. 
She is someone who loves to play, dance and draw a lot and she loves being very childish (lol she is 4) ,
but when she asks you a question or gives you a reason for something, 
she becomes the most serious person ever and if you try to joke with her she'll get angry
(It’s quite funny, because to her it all makes sense, even if some things don’t make sense at all, I mean she is 4.)
Another thing I want to let you know is that she loves crisps,
especially the salty ones, okay to be honest, only the salty ones.

Now let me continue...
After she told my mum off for calling her the most beautiful princess in the world,
she went silent for a minute, then she asked: “but mum crisps is also very nice and it’s white,
so why am I not white?” My mum laughed and said: “are you a crisp?”
My sister knew that mum got her and burst out laughing!
A day later my mum came home from work and found my younger sister’s drawing on the dining table.
I don’t know is any of you know the nick jr. program Ni Hao, Kai Lan? 
So my sister had coloured Kai Lan (the lead character of the show), 
but the way she coloured her in, wasn't the way Kai Lan looks like.. 
Now she believed that black is very beautiful, but she also knew that everyone is beautiful! It doesn't matter which color you are,