Friday, 19 August 2016

BACIB part 4: Misconceptions about Christians

Some people think that being a Christian is an easy thing, while others say it's difficult. Some say that believing is a type of "escape" from reality, while others say that you are deceived.
There are a lot of different misconceptions about people and I personally have experienced a lot of different ones and I wanted to share some with you today.

" Believing is an esacpe from reality." Let me explain why that is not true. If you want it or not, everyone believes. Some say that they don't believe in anything, but trust me that is not true. Everyone believes! You have to believe in something before it can actually happen don't you? If people didn't believe, then there woudn't be anything of what there is today. There wouldn't  be any electricity or running water nor would there be cars, computers, phones / smartphones, a sidewalk (yes not even a sidewalk), roads, etc.. All these things started from believing before you can see them, like it is written in Hebrews 11:1.

 That brings me to the second thing: "Why believe in something you can't see?" I know this might sound lame, but we all breathe oxygen and we can't see that either, but we believe and know it's there, don't we? There are other things we believe in that we can't see, for example our future: we believe we have a future, good or bad that's up to you to choose, mostly it's good though, but we believe in our future and when we believe in it and we really want it to become reality we work towards what we believe and most of the times we end up well... I'm not saying that it will be as you imagined as a kid, but it's gonna be good!

" When you are a christian you never have struggles" Okay, I know not everyone goes through this one, but this is something I've heard multiple times. That, because I believe, everything in my life is good and I'm never sad. As a Christian I have honestly had more struggles than most people who don't believe, cause as Christians we can't just do anything and say 'oh Jesus saved us anyway' or  just do as we like. When you love God you actually want to do good for Him and that makes life harder sometimes, cause you'll have to sacrifice a lot. I'll give you some personal examples (so this might not what everyone does) I can't say certain things even if this hype word comes out and everyone is using it (f.ex. using Oh my God anyhow), I know it's not new but.. Everyone uses it like it's nothing, but I know that I can't use the Lord's name in vain like it says in Exodus 20:7: "You shall not use the Lord's name in vain.." It's not easy when everyone is using it and you can't. I remember before I knew about this verse I used to say that so often and it was so hard not to say it, but I really tried my best and I'm still trying, cause it's not easy to stop saying something you were used to saying. Another example: I can't go to some parties, cause I know if I go I might sin. Okay I know this also has to do with the people you go with and self control, but trust me when you are actually there and you experience some peer pressure, you can be as resistant as you want, but it doesn't always work, cause the devil will find ways to get to you and make you sin..

Another thing I chose for myself is that I don't want to drink, because I said that I had a lot of people think that " Christians are not allowed to drink alcohol, cause it's a sin." Let me tell you this: If drinking alcohol would be a sin, then why would Jesus change water to wine or why would He want us to drink from the wine as symbol of his blood?!? So let me just state this one quickly DRINKING IS NOT A SIN!!! I just chose not to, besides during the communion, because I don't need it and don't like it!! For the people who want to know: I have tried it before, but I prefere soft drinks ^-^ or alcohol free coctails. (Lol see pic.)

The last one is " Everything in the Bible has to be taken figuratively." This one I hear a lot. People say: "Okay they might be some truth in it, but there's no way all those stories were true." Why not?!? Is it because they seem so unimaginable to us humans? Is it because you have just never seen it with your own eyes? God actually has the power to do such things, because He is almighty! I do believe that all the stories are true, because God doesn't lie, but I also know that they're parables and different other things that God wanted us to interpret figuratively, but that doesn't mean that everything in the Bible is figurative.

Honestly I had so much trouble looking for the song that matches this post well, there are so many that would fit this one, but I went with:
Mighty to save by Hillsong:

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