Friday, 29 July 2016

Working with kids for a week

Last week , I worked in a daycare with at least 30 kids per day. Can't deny the fact that it was the hardest thing to do. I mean I could've just sat home lazing around the sofa with some cheap ass junk food. But I didn't. Why? I have absolutely no idea. Well I do, a little.. I heard from Musa (co-author of the blog) that the daycare had too little animators for the week. And what did I do? I sais yes of course. Why? Because I'm nice of course. Well, honestly, I'm just a freak who loves kids. Actually it's more of a love-hate relationship, but I still love them way more than teens of my age. I don't have any little kids playing around the house and I do miss the laughing of little children echoing through the house (I had tons of nieces and nephews in my house before) . But of course I hate it when they cry! That's why I called it a love-hate relationship!

Anyways, I agreed to work there with 3 other strangers that I had never seen before in my whole life. They were pretty nice, I was so very glad. Imagine how it would've been if you had like 30 children screaming around you and then there was an adult complaning to you about how you work. Not that I'm bad at it. I'm pretty good. I pretty much look like a child and I also act like one when I see one, so I was good to go. It was perfect. I played with them from 8:00 to 5:00 every single day that week. I was pretty happy. But then! After 5:00. Hell broke loose. I was so tired every single day that I could collapse right there and then! But I had to walk home. So I did. I went home. I arrived at home. I opened the door. I went to my room. BAM! There lies a 90% dead Mita on her bed with tons of other stuff cause she had been too tired and lazy to clean up beforehand. Stupid Mita!  Did I eat? I don't know. Sometimes, I did. Sometimes, I didn't. Did that even matter to me? Hell Nah! I could sleep, finally!!! But then. Guesse what happens. My stomach is singing out loud to the brightest cloud. Oh wait, it's night. Anyway it starts growling like a wolf and I have to get up and eat. After I finally gather strength to stand up.................. I go eat. Duh. Then I come back and sleep again. Oh wait! SKINCARE!! I sigh. I only have strength to do that little thing. I go wash my face neatly, brush my teeth , comeback and sleep some more. After 6 or 7 hours, I wake up and repeat the cycle again.

On a serious note, the daycare thaught me quite a lot about kids and their behaviour. I didn't know that kids cried and made a scene at some random place on the streets for absolutely no reason. These evil creatures! I always thought that something very bad must've happened to them and that's why they cried. I always put the blame on the parents! Now, I understand a little more about the parents and how much hard work they go through everyday. I also had to prepare some games and crafting ideas for the kids. I was on duty to do the crafting. I made an airplane out of 2 sheets of paper. Apparently they liked it a lot which made me very happy of course! I looove their smiles and their laughs! I could also feel myself growing up. I'm always glad when I work there. That is, of course after I rant about how hard it was to work there first!

Here are some photos we took in " het Kabouterbos"


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