Sunday, 25 September 2016

BACIB part 6: Jesus' peace

Hey everyone! How's school / work going? Lol okay what a beginning, i sincerely hope every thing's well though, but lemme not waste your time and dive into it already.

This week my biggest struggle was stress. I was stressed every single day. I would wake up in a bad mood and go to sleep in a bad mood. I couldn't focus. I was tired, had no energy or drive, I had no motivation to work. I felt sad and angry, I just wasn't myself. It was just awful!!!!

 But something kept me going though: Last week's message, it was about peace. To be precise it was Jesus' peace. That message just kept haunting me.. I just had to write and share about it.
The scripture came from John 14:16-31.
The one that stuck to me was verse 18...

 At that moment I kept yearning for that comfort, rest and peace in my heart. I kept praying and praying, but I kept feeling the same. I was so restless and sad that I would come home and get upset with my sister almost every day for smallest of things and I wasn't any better with the small ones.... . To be honest my mood affected us all negatively and so it really wasn't a good week. I kept thinking about that verse and wondering how I could receive that comfort and peace. I totally forgot how as I didn't re-read the verse and so I didn't read the verses after that either.. if I would I would have noticed this..

And that verse actually made me go back to the basics.. What does Jesus want from us? What does he expect us to do?
1. We have to follow His commandments: it is a classic, but I told you we'd go back to the basics so yeah. Just follow the 10 commandments.. Okay I know it's impossible to do all 10 of them perfectly, Jesus knows that too, that's why Christianity is by grace! For the people who don't know what grace is: it's the unconditional love God has for us!

2. We have to have a relationship with Jesus: it's good to believe that Jesus is king, but only believing isn't enough. When letting Jesus into our heart, you also have to build a relationship with Him and let Him work in us. That starts by prayer: showing Him who you are, just as you are and spending time with Him, reading your Bible and understanding Him. I know reading your Bible daily is very hard, even for me it is, but your desire to want to know Him will make it easier.  It also includes to love Him AND to love OTHERS, but not as you love yourself, but as Jesus loves you!! Being close to the teacher can make you change unconsciously. It can make you a better person

Those are  points that can help you and that include maybe a 100 other points, but this is the key!!

Now as I had written it wasn't just peace but Jesus' peace. I bet a lot are wondering what the difference is? This peace is from the Lord Himself! He gives it to us!! He assures us that after His leaving  the earth  we won't be left alone. He was going so that He send the Holy Spirit to be with us and to give us peace.

Song of the day: "Prince of peace by Hillsong united"
🎶When fear comes knocking, there you'll be my guard
When day breads trouble,
there u hold my ♥
Come storm or battle, God I know your peace will meet me there.. 🎶


  1. Wou, did you all wright that by yourself? That's kind of a performance ;)

    1. Thanks bro! Yes I did, I did use my parents as source for some of the things ;)