Friday, 26 May 2017

Discovering beauty part 2

Hey how have you all been?
 Today I'm going to continue on our journey to discovering beauty.. (I'm sorry for letting you wait this long) If you haven't read the first part please check it out before reading this one, so that you can understand this one better. Click here.
Now I'm going to go on with part 2.

So I had to start accepting myself as beautiful.. I think it was the hardest thing i ever had to do. How can you just start loving yourself after hating yourself for so long? Honestly it's just impossible or maybe it isn't..
Let me give you guys a few tips on how to actually gain confidence. Some might seem stupid, but trust me they actually help.. A LOT !!

1) Surround yourself with the right crowd. Whether you like it or not people influence you constantly. If you're around people who are constantly talking negative about you, how do you expect to become positive? Again it's not impossible, but negativity will just make it harder to stay positive. It shouldn't be the group of people with the newest make-up or the people with the strictest diets, it's the ones with the positive mindset. The ones who will encourage you to achieve your goal at all costs!!

2) Never give up!! I know this is obvious and we all know this one, but actually try to do it!!

3) Wake up every morning stand in front of the mirror and call yourself pretty. I know this is a very childish one, but it does work.. if you do this for some time, you will start to believe it..

4) IGNORE NEGATIVE COMMENTS!!! They're all lies. The people who say negative things about you are usually jealous or they're just being childish and most of the time they don't even know you, so don't let they're comments affect you.

5) Please don't try to hide your face behind layers of make-up!! I know make-up is nice and we like to use it, but girl: you are also beautiful without it!! if you're using make-up to "cover up flaws" lemme tell you this: it's not working and you're waisting time and money! If you want to wear make-up: okay, but make sure your reason is not to "cover the flaws".

Okay so here are  tips to start with.. It's not always an easy journey, but the journey really is worth it!
I wish you all a lovely and blessed Friday!!


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