Friday, 8 July 2016

BACIB part 2: Receiving Christian baptism

Receiving Christian baptism 
As you can see Today I'm going to talk about baptism, but I wanted to combine it with God's love.
So this time I asked my auntie what it meant to get baptized and she gave me a lovely answer. She said "to be baptized means to die for sin and to resurrect with Jesus" The second part of the sentence made me think of my trip to Zambia in March. In church they were singing this song called ressurecting.. one of the lines said "the ressurected King is resurrecting me." ( I will link the song at the bottom) To me it was such a deep line, cause I wondered what do they mean resurrecting me? Doesn't it only happen once. I really didn't get it at first, but the way I am, I just enjoy the music so I went on singing, but when the pastor started preaching the line stuck to my head for too long so I started wondering, what does it mean.. it even started to bug me. 

 I started my research from that one word... I looked it up online and it said that resurrection is "the concept of a living being coming back to life after death." Then i thought okay, Jesus roze from the dead and He is now in heaven and by that we have eternal life, but how can we keep rising from the dead( if that even makes sense).. It kept me thinking. The pastor kept preaching as I continued thinking about the same line. Now tat I  think back the pastor did give an answer( if you'd like the answer the pastor gave me, just say I might make a post of that one too), but I also found my answer that I can apply to my personal life. It's actually very simple (that's what I realised after) it actually just means that whenever we make a mistake we get back into "the ashes of defeat" what means we die again, but whenever we ask for forgiveness, He forgives us and we can start on a blank page all over again. It sounds so logical, I mean who doesn't know that? Have you ever thought about the meaning of "washing our sins away"? Have you actually thought about how special that heppening is? Everyone has heard of forgive and forget, but we all know that it is impossible to forgive or forget some things, even as Christians even if we have to we all still struggle with the fact that we have to forgive... God just keeps forgiving and forgetting, because He loves us so.. To be honest whenever I think of God's love it just keeps amazing me. How is such love even possible? 

With baptism we actually show our friends and family that we are sick and tired of falling in the ashes of defeat and that we have devoted ourselves to following God. Don't get me wrong here though.. It doens't mean that if you're not baptised your not trying your best to follow Him, cause to be honest I'm not baptised either, but I always try my very best to follow His word. Baptism is a personal choice and it doesn't matter when you make it, as long as you do one day.
Baptism ofcourse has much more meaning that what I just stated, but here is a small part. I hope you all enjoyed it! :)

Here is the link to the song (Ressurecting):


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